Dankbare studenten

25-06-2019 13:36


I would like to thank you for the generosity and for the new opportunities that have been opened up through the scholarship that we received this year. It is a blessing to be part of the chosen ones. I study dentistry at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Medicine. I'm at the end of the second year and I have another 3 years ahead. The school is walking very well and I have more passion. For the moment I am only in school and I have not continued a job, even part time, because the school does not give me such a space. So I'm very grateful for the help I received from you. It has been a major push in my education. I hope that when I graduate I can make a slight difference in the lives of others, just as you do in my life. Once again I thank you for the opportunity ... Dorela


Hello! I'm Flora Kaca. I am a student of the second branch of law, Faculty of Law. Brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, allow me through this paper to appreciate your support and to express my gratitude for what you do for me. I am grateful that you were offered to help me with a monetary allowance for school expenses. For me and my family was also a great relief as the university has a lot of expense. Thank you and the blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Flora

This academic year I received a good amount of €200 that was a very good help for me. With this amount it was easier for me to afford my studies and I was able to cover quite a lot of the expenses that a student has.This year the government decided to increase the amount that we pay per year and also to add extra fees for the exams that you failed and you have to redo or exams that you might have postponed.Because of this increase the students decided to organize protests in every city and sequestered to lower the fees and remove those that they would have to pay for every exam because the studies would become very expensive and many families can't afford it, there was a great struggle but in the end the government decided to lower the fees but just for this academic year. Since the government lowered the school fees due to protests that took place at least this year things became a little easier. In the literature department where I study we usually need to buy a lot of books and lectures and their cost is not low, we read different kind of books and some of them we can't find in the library even though finding any remaining copy is a challenge on it's own because other students might have taken the book before and what I can do is to go and buy it or stay without it, even if I wait for the book it would be too late because the Teacher will ask questions about it and finish with it, but it was easier for me to afford the books and lectures.This academic year, through the support that you guys did it was easier for me to afford all the expenses and adding this amount to my savings from my job in the past summers made it possible for me to stay home and study instead of having to go to work to collect more funds for my studies. Overall I am thankful for the funds that I received and together with what the government did to lower the fees helped me quite a lot and made it easier than I thought it would be. Gezina

My name is Artjola Kaca and I am a bachelor's year student at German Language Degree (University of Tirana). This year at school has been a bit tiring for me since I had to study at the same time and work for my spending. In fact, it has been quite loaded in the university since the second year is also the most important year and full of projects and assignments. Normally all is necessary in order to gain as many points for the season exams. I came out well knowing that my level of language was not absolute but I tried to do the best I could. In both the exam season I could get good results and studied as much opportunity as I knew my circumstances. There have been many obstacles along the way, but in the end I managed to get the most out of all the issues with the right dedication. There were also those pedagogues who helped us and were very capable in the work they did but on the other there were others who almost did not see at all and that is very sad because it was not in our favor. But above all, it is important that I succeeded.What I want to mention is the great help I gave at the beginning of the year to cope with the expenses of the university and normally my own. It was a sum of 250 € donated by Mr.Renato (as a result of the marathons made by Mr. Stefan) whom I thank so much because I did not in this case but also in many other cases helped us, both myself and my family. I want to thank you because without real help I would not have been able to buy the books and everything else needed for the school as they are quite costly. Help came as a sunbeam when I needed more. It was the best possible start I could do for this school year even though I must deny that with those money I helped my family a little. It was all I needed to make it possible for me to start the second year because at the big expense I was sure I could not get it. I am very much appreciated and I hope that this assistance will be made possible for the years ahead for me as well as for other students who need it a lot. There is no greater blessing than being surrounded by good and energetic people who can help you unconditionally and who love the best of you regardless of anything and seek nothing in return, only thanks to God and growth in the faith. I pray God to bless Renato and Stefan of any other person who can make this donation because not everyone who wants to do it. I also wish you with the possible temers and that God give you as many blessings, health and happiness above all. All of these are some words that come out of my heart and deserve to anyone who contributed to me. Once again THANK YOU and full of blessings! With respect, Artjola

This year I received through Renato and Stefan an amount of €200 to support my studies. According to the economy in my country it might not be a lot but it wasn't a small amount either, it was really helpful and I am very thankful for every penny provided. Usually the cost of studies is a considerable amount of money that families have to pay for their children and unfortunately it doesn't change according to the financial status of an individual, so for some families who want to educate their children is a real challenge especially in my country where many parents receive minimal salary. Also another thing worth mentioning is that here in Albania students don’t receive scholarships and even if there is any chance provided it is very hard for students to receive it because you have to be an excellent student. In Albania also is not easy to get loan from the bank to support your studies…  This academic year the government decided to increase the school fees by adding extra fees for every exam that you failed or postponed for the autumn season when you can redo any exam that you failed or postponed.  Due to what the governments decision the students decided to organize protests with an intention of removing exam fees and lowering the yearly fee because many students and families found it difficult to afford all these fees, there were protests that took place to lower the school fee and after 2 months the government decided to accomplish the students requests but it will be just for this year that passed and it will not continue in the years to come. At least this year it helped me so much because now I had to pay 50% less than the year before also other exam fees were cancelled but the fees will still increase the coming year. Except the school fees we also have to buy lectures that the teachers prepare and we have to go to the shop out of the school to get them.  All in all the fund that I received did not cover everything that I needed to buy or pay but it was a great help indeed and covered some expenses that were necessary. Thank you and blessings Laert